Sweet Memories...[Part 1]

As i've promised you, here are some pictures from my winter holiday.These are from the ski camp i went to for 6 days, starting with the second day of Christmas.

Footprints in the snow:):):)It was so funny, me and Sanziana running around just to get some good pics with the light of the sun in the snow.

On the top of the world!!![Yes, the shadows are mine and Sanziana's]

I love the place we were staying at:it felt like Santa's house, don't you think?

This piece of chocolate was so so so delicious,maybe because it was written on it "joy".

Teia,Adelina,Sanziana,Mircea's friend[sorry i can't remember his name:(] and Mircea,wandering around Sibiu on our way to camp.The happy, lodly but irreplaceable friends i'd spent a great time.

Nothing special about this one, it was taken from the bus.

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Anonim spunea...

i just want 2 post a comment about that picture with the small bittten piece of chocolate....
..and the lucky comm is:...one word..BOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...:x:x:x...awww..u know what i'm talkin about don'cha??!!.
..unfortunately...at the moment i'm not allowed to eat chocolate and u know why...and that picture is...well..mouthwatering..;))

Anonim spunea...

oh..yeah..one more thing..ur shadow's about nine feet tall...
..man...i'm tiny..