It's not always what you wanted it to be.But things get better.

Many things have passed since the last time i was here.First, it's about the tragic deaths that surprised me.Farrah, Michael...gone too early.I think you agree with me.
Then, about this blog.When i created it, i named it "sunset old stories" for a reason.Because i love writting.And i love sharing my compositions with others.From time to time i may post outfit photos or photos of any kind, but i made it to share my thoughts.To see if i could actually go on with writting, even making a career out of it.And it all went to a wrong direction.Don't get me wrong, i'll still share my daily experiences[tough i was a really bad blogger], but everything will spin around my stories.And now i'm working on one of them, i'll publish it on Sunday.It's a thank you gift for the sweet Ariella, who helped me from the very first post.Thank you sweetie, and hope you'll like it when you'll read it.On Sunday.I'll keep my promise this time.

Edit: because of some personal problems, the new post has to wait until Thursday.

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Ariella spunea...

You are such a sweet girl, dear. And I think your blog is very sweet too :) I am looking forward to reading your story!

Ela spunea...

Hi Ruxandra, thank you for stopping by my blog :) Wish you all the best and look forward to your writings. Do visit again :)