Dear reader...

I am not sorry.
Blogging has become a part of my life.
It's just that it is not the priority now.
And it's not a matter of inspiration.
It's just a matter of time.
I won't make promises anymore.
I am not gone.
I still look at your blogs.
Though i don't have the time to comment.
Trust me.
May your day be as beautiful as mine.

10 comentarii:

L.T. spunea...

We understand =) we all have busy lives

Yelena R. spunea...

Don't worry :) Sometimes I feel the same!

Claradevi spunea...

Oh, my dear, of course it's okay. Sorry I haven't really have time to reply your email, but I will, right after I finished my exam. Take a good care, wonderful soul. <3

juliette spunea...

i'm so sorry Ruxandra!
when i changed the name of my blog i didn't realise the link changed too and so nobody knew that 'to the lake' still existed, and i still think people think i may have disappeared.
but i'm still here!
i hope you had a lovely sunday too, dear :)
i haven't been around on blogger for a while and have missed my wonderful friends here, especially your magical blog.
see you around!

daisychain spunea...

just do what is right for YOU lovely

magnoliaamber spunea...

True:) Blogging has now been unseparable part of me, too.

Your blog is amusing and I will look forward to your next post!!


Bev spunea...

you blog is so beautiful! <3
you have many loyal bloggers! who all understand! may all your hopes and dreams come true :) x

indigotangerine spunea...

your lovely words will be missed! you added such sweetness to the blogsphere. I'm so impressed that you are reading through all our archives. Though our old stuff is kind of embaressingly crappy...

Faboulista spunea...

its allright. i understand that too. i dont usually have time to comment back either. just from time to time i like to explore new blogs.

OceanDreams spunea...

It is okay love, it is hard to find the time to blog, just visit when you can and I hope you are doing well! XOXO!