Morning Light in her Room

Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light. ~Jean Giraudoux

She is still here.
Wounded, but here.
Slowly, the light conqueres the room and makes its way through the darkness.Or what is left of it.Pain is gone.And what amazes her is the fact of actually missing it.Can you even imagine missing something that hurted you for such a long time?She feels that way.Maybe she can not feel anymore and she just lives from memories.
But it is all over.For the moment.Day and night are worlds apart.And she should realize that the appropriate thing to do is to live by the rules.Until she is back on her feet, she has to play by the rules.There's no harm in it, is it?
But, again, it's morning.It is a brand new day.Forgetting and forgiving, learning and living.Simple rules for complicated people.
Yet the beautiful sunflares joined their hands and danced around her, filling her cold world with warm and beautiful thoughts.
She smiled.It really is morning...


7 comentarii:

Zmaga spunea...

Beautifully written... and for my state of mind - needed!

Sara spunea...

You have a way with words...a way that I LOVE!

Sher spunea...

So glad you finally posted! Your words are still as beautiful as before!! I love them dear:)

Hayley spunea...

that is absolutely beautiful. inspirational. <3

Claradevi spunea...

I love the way you play with words - It touched my heart softly with its grace. And the way you depict about sunflares and warmth is just... perfect.

Sending you all my thoughts!

daisychain spunea...

your words are simply incredible

OceanDreams spunea...

You are so dreamy, that is why I adore you!