Lost in my own thoughts…


Here’s how things are in my life at this point.I have like one week until the holiday, i have still have a thousand things to do, but, anyway, the “hell” week is behind me.Now, the problem is with my future.I know, i am in the 10th grade and i have enough time to think about what i want to do.Well, forget that.It seems that teachers are putting such pressure on this “what college will you go to?” or “it would be much better if you would go to…” stuff.It’s not that i do not appreciate others opinions, i do.But i know that only i can choose the best for me.And speaking of that, how do i know what is best for me?I have an idea of what would make me happy and what i would like to know more about, but i actually have no idea what should i do in life.I mean, how do i know what will fit me best if i don’t try?

And here’s the problem…i can not try one thousand jobs to find the right one.I am completely lost in my thoughts, i am maybe too concerned about the future…I do not know how to find a thing that would be enough to keep me happy for the rest of my life.Though i can think about a couple of things that represent a total interest for me, i am afraid that i will be slowly disappointed to realize that that thing is not what i thought or that i will really love studying that thing but it would not help me make it to a decent[in my opinion of decent] life.Not that i am material, but i want to travel and live decently and that needs money.That’s a realistic point of view.On the other hand, if i could join some design classes or photography or journalism or others  maybe i will find a path to my “vocation”.Only if i had all those in my city.The ones that i have, well, let’s say people who attended do not have good words…

Now, i really would like you to answer me this question: how do you know what is the right job to do or how do you actually find the thing that totally captures your interest and so you know this is what you will do for the rest of your life?

I would really appreciate your advice.

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Céline spunea...

I understand your whirl dear one, i had gone through the same dreadful path when i was in high school, i listened people way too much that i ended up living a life i've never even wanted only falsely believed it was what i wanted.So i waste 2 years till i realize this wasn't right for me.but i don't see those years as wastes anymore because the following year which is 2009^^ i sat and think about the future, i thought from end to begining like "what kind of job i want?" and the answer was;i want a job that i can use my talents, be happy and still be payed enough to achive my other dreams and have decent life like you said.Made a list of those jobs and then i thought about what i've done about these jobs so far, from my childhood to this day what was the one or more things that have never changed.So i found out the things that were already there.I found my passions and then everything came together, i thought no longer and got moving.Now i'm really happy about my life and i owe it to those 2 years that i had to live and pass.I hope this little boring story will help you because the only thing i have for you is my experience about this situation.

Sher spunea...

I don't think any of us really know what we want to do in life. It's a fairly difficult thing to find something that you love to do which pays well also. I wish it was easier and I can only follow my heart, wherever it leads. If you have the courage and means to do so, I encourage you to follow your heart:)

p.s. I'm very happy with my Mac Ruby Woo, it's the most perfect matte red lipstick ever! And I can't wait to watch an Education and Bright star!! Oh I've seen the edge of love and think it was absolutely hauntingly beautiful, I love everything about the movie!


Zmaga spunea...

I know how bad pressure from teachers and peers can get: I am studying journalism and I've heard "it's not practical" about thousand times, but that didn't put me down. That IS what I want to do, and the only thing I think I can do and be happy. Don't worry, you'll find something you like. Give those classes a go, it they cannot be that bad and they'll maybe give you some perspective or new ideas.
I'm sure you'll work it out.

Dustjacket Attic spunea...

Oh this is so hard. I think that you have to love or at least like what you do. If you find your passion, follow it.

Caroline Cakewise spunea...

I wish I could help, but I wish I knew the answer to this myself. Hopefully we will both find a solution! Your blog is always so beautiful - I love love love the new background of books. xx

Post Grad Hair Cut spunea...

Oh dear. You might not know what the right job is for you for years! Or you might find it very soon. Its hard to say and from my experience life does not go as planned. You might end up doing something as work that you never thought you would enjoy or picture yourself doing. Best of luck to you!

marie spunea...

I had to make a similar decision a couple of years ago, the problem was that I did not know what I was really wanting.
The result was that I was so unhappy and depressed at the university I had chosen, that I quitted after few months, and had to do everything again (choose a university, write an entrance test, getting to know new people and new city...).
But now I see that it worth it, I´m immensely happy now and I´m feeling much stronger and independent ( and I finally know what I want and who I am).
The most important thing is to know that it´s only you who have the power to change your life, even if you make one bad resolution you can fix it.
Follow your dreams and heart and everything will be easier (but staying a bit rational never hurts too:)).
Good luck♥

Diya spunea...

I would say go to a big university if you're not sure what you're going to do with your life, one that's reputable in all fields. Then enroll in a program that'll give you some freedom and lots of elective hours.

Or you can do what I do... I take chemical engineering/biochemistry/psychology courses at UT Austin, I take fashion illustration classes and sewing classes on the weekends, and I help produce and manage music events. Incorporate some stuff into your extracurriculars... :)

Anyway, I've recently started a blog and would love it if you dropped by/exchanged links with me. :)


Tee spunea...

I know this feeling. My way of coping with it back in high school was to research the hell out of colleges and find out as MUCH as I could about EVERYTHING I was remotely interested in.

Research is not a bad plan. But know, that no matter how much you look into it or how many classes you take, your interest will always be evolving. That's the beauty of being young- even when you are in college, you will still have the freedom to continue searching.

The most important thing is to pursue goals that will make you happy. You will never know what the "right" direction to go in is- you just have to take a deep breath and dive into what makes your heart fill up and continue from there.

Two pieces of amazing advice I've gotten from my friends & family lately, that I will share here:

1) What would you do if you had no fear? Live life with no fear and you will not regret it.

2) If you don't know what direction to go in, then just do Something that feels right. It may not be the right thing in the end, but at least you will be taking action. You can always turn around and go in a different direction, but you'll never know unless you just do it.

Also, Gala Darling has an amazing article here- http://galadarling.com/article/i-dont-know-what-to-do-with-my-life

...good luck! Believe in yourself!


Diya spunea...

UT Austin does not have an official "pre-med" major, per se. However, the acceptance into medical school from UT Austin is relatively high. There are around 10-20 hours/credits of courses that are suggested for students that want to pursue med school.. and these students usually have their majors in chemistry, biochemistry, biology (most common), biomedical engineering, chemical engineering and etc. However, you could be a comp sci major and also be "pre-med" if you take the required courses... it's just harder to get in if you were a fashion major or a dance major to med school because most of the classes you took weren't relevant. So, any relevant majors (like the ones listed above) with the "pre-med" concentration will get you in.

I'm not intending on attending on med school myself, I'm either going into the chemical engineering industry directly after college (which pays 70-100k a year) or I'll be attending grad school for PhD program in chemical engineering (100-150k a year starting salary). Chemical engineering in any school is a really good degree to go to if you're unsure because you can go to grad school for physics/physical chemistry/chemistry/biochemistry/chemical engineering, you can go to med school, you can go to law school (patent law), or business school. I suggested a decently well known public university such as UT or UC berkeley because those places have not only a lot of opportunities and extracurriculars, they have more degree plan flexibility and more majors that are ranked high across the board. For instance, if you were interested in fashion but also something chemistry/medicine related you might consider NYU or berkeley because of the fashion scenes in san francisco and NYC.

I live in Austin, which has two large-scale music festivals every year (SXSW and Austin City Limits). So Austin's a great place to network for the music industry. There's also 1 art institute with a fashion marketing degree. What fits my schedule (and if you're going pre-med, your schedule) is the plethora of fashion classes offered here in Austin that you can attend w/o enrolling in a fashion school. There's two schools that I know of for that... I've taken fashion illustration/sewing 1 and 2 from one of them. The fashion illustration class was taught by a girl that went to Parson and worked at BCBG for a while so she was definitely qualified and made the class worthwhile. These classes can be taken on the weekend for around $100-200 per 3-6 sessions, each session being around 3-4 hours. Of course, each city has their own fashion events and the nearby Dallas is getting a reputation for fashion events now.

Anyway, hope that helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! :D

Simply Colette spunea...

I had the same troubles, and still pay for it. My advice is cliche, but follow your heart. I fell into the practicality of 4 year degree office job, but all I wanted was something creative. It's hard to make the transition. I ended up with journalism but was so focused while in school on working rather than an internship in that field. Now I'm paying for it. In finance, bored, unfulfilled, but I guess making more than a journalist. Do what you feel is best, make you happy and follow that path. Following your passion will pay off in the long run. :)