The Need of Knowledge

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How important is religion for you?
I know everyone believes in what he wants, i know everyone has the right to do so, and yet i find myself between two worlds.I know there is somebody up there, greater than everything, and i would like to believe more and more with each passing day.It just gets hard to respect  everything a true Christian should respect in this world.Or is it just me that makes it harder?
I know God has helped me a lot.I can not think that everything that has happened in my life is because of my fate.And, even though, who created my fate?Didn’t God do it?
Maybe it’s because everybody sees just the beauty of the wrapping of a holiday, without carrying where does the beauty really comes from.Easter is more about traditions that are connected with Jesus' life, or better said, death and resurrection.And the beauty of this traditions is strongly connected with our religious life.
Happy Easter!

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Sara spunea...

Oh religion is very important to me..even though, sometimes, it's fun to just break a rule...but not a major one.

I am not TOO religious. But I think I fairly am.

Rosie Unknown spunea...

As always, your writing is stunning!

As for the religion issue, I'm not entirely sure where I stand, so I'm just going to say Happy Easter.

Leah spunea...

I am not really a religious person... I am more spiritual. I believe in the highest being... I have faith. My dad always tells me that God is not in the churches but He is in our hearts.

Happy Easter! xoxo

Indy spunea...

That is the cutest picture ever!

Ariella spunea...

My religion when talking about belief is important to me, on a personal level, and in addition the traditions, culture, and history of my religion which is intervened are extremely important to me.

OceanDreams spunea...

Religion if very important to me. I was raised a Christian and I believe in God and that Jesus died and rose again for me. I'm so blessed to celebrate Easter and reflect on the precious gift of salvation from my Saviour!

H A N N A H ♥ spunea...

oh my goshhh, that rabbit photo is SO CUTE!
but on a more serious note (!) this is a really interesting post. It's definitley made me think...



Lexie spunea...

i am definitely a spiritual person & believe in the power of prayer. i was raised in church, but i have not gone since i went to college. it's been interesting to break out on my own and reexamine my faith, but i definitely am so so glad my parents raised me in church!