Endless Nights


I feel the silence slowly running through my veins.I hear your breath;slowly moving, afraid of causing more pain.In the light of the new moon your eyes seem lost.With each passing minute their light transforms into wilderness, the interdiction seems as real as never.

Deep breaths measure the silence.Mines.Yours.tumblr_ku0aw3LKy81qzbqvao1_500It is like a never ending cycle.And there, for a second, it seems as if you feel it.Love.Never heard of it, never seen it, how could you possibly feel it?

And then, it might as well be just another trick of yours, tyrant of feelings.

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libys11 spunea...

wow. beautiful!!! the text, the imagery!! wonderful post! :D

Animated Confessions

Morena G.Y. spunea...

Ruxandra this was a stunning picture. And ahh love the words. Are they from a song or did you make them up yourself?
Either way..just so beautiful!

So nice to hear from you.

B a la Moda spunea...

Nice writing. Is is yours? Love that pendant.

B* a la Moda

Eliza spunea...

Oh this was tragically lovely, dear. I missed you, and your blog. And oh, I saw you went to the Peles Castle recently, a few posts down. How lucky, how lucky - been dreaming all my life to go there, and I still hope I will one day.

Love ♥

Ana spunea...

I love this:) so fairy like:)

Thank you so much for leaving me a comment:) it means a lot:)

Lots of hugs