Let me be honest…


Honesty is something so hard to do when you really want to.It’s a matter of feelings, of circumstances and relations, of ego and staying true to yourself.I like to consider life a journey.Sadly, it is not a never-ending one.But, hey, be happy for the fact that you can travel through life.I am.

Also, I am trying to enjoy each and every stop my train makes.I know that in a few years all I’ll have will be photographs and some vague memories of feelings and moments, but it is far more important to leave all the future thoughts behind and start to enjoy the moment.A cliché, but the truth.

So, here I am, after a week spent at the sea shore, trying to organize my life in the best way possible.Or in any way, as a matter of fact.

This is not a goodbye, it’s a pause for me to actually live.I do not want to look back when I’ll be old and say: “I was just one of those who spent hours on the Internet.” No, this is not the way it’s supposed to be.

I am not going to lie; the Internet has brought me so many opportunities.I am not going to exclude it from life; I am just going to shorten the time spent here, organize my time in a way that would work better for the human inside me.

This being said, I am leaving you with paragraphs of my article in the first issue of Telluric Season Magazine and with the hope of you reading it all in the magazine.It would mean so much for me to hear your criticism.It is a magazine in which young people put a lot of soul and it was my first attempt of an editorial.Again, it would mean the world for me.I am not asking you to buy the magazine; I am just asking for ten minutes of your busy life to read my article, if not the entire magazine, and let me know whether you liked it or not.Criticism is more than welcome.




We love. We hope. We dream. But we do not search for beauty. Not all of us. And using the stupid excuse that “ I don’t have time” is not helping. You see, it doesn’t take time to see the beauty in things. Usually, beauty reveals itself. It’s like a beautiful bride who takes off her veil so her now husband can see her smile again, can see the woman which will be there for him, always. This is the same. Beauty surrounds us…



Imagine silver trees and snowflakes of happiness falling down around you, while your steps carry you away to the top of the mountain, with a thankful smile on your face when you finally get there and you see the whole country in front of you, you see the sky and the Earth collide.

Imagine crumbs of gold and waves of midsummer night dreams, as you walk around the shore of the sea, and the sleepless nights spent watching the tiny sparkling stars and the majestic moon, with songs at the campfire in the background.

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otaku7 spunea...

I have a small question...
In the second picture is it G-Dragon?? Because I saw an article about him in a magazine and he looked just like that guy :D

kirstyb spunea...

great post and i love the pictures xxx

Louela Daniele spunea...

beautiful words! i love this post! its great! love your blog! a definite follow!


SAMM spunea...

I saw your blog and I wanted to invite you to follow my blog.
Check out my blog @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

With love, Samm

Ella Masters spunea...

I would really love it if you got involved with my give away over on my blog...im loving yours :)


Juliana spunea...

I am in love with this post especially the end of this. I always say that the internet is a thing and not a place. You have amazing skills to let these beautiful words fall from your extraordinary mind.

Sara spunea...

even though this post might mean you'll be blogging less, I find it so very beautiful!

And I agree, on searching for beauty, or having a pair of searching eyes looking out for all that is beautiful!

Caroline Cakewise spunea...

I absolutely adore your beautiful writing. I hope you don't mind, but I have added you to my list of favourite links on my site!! Your words speak to my heart so much, of daydreams, summer days and loveliness. :) And yes, now you mention it the girl in the photograph on the beach does look like Blake Lively, but I dont't think it is her! Like most of my photos, I stumbled upon it on weheartit and thought it was beautiful! xxx

Hayley Ann spunea...

your writing is so beautiful and inspiring. really. i adore it. and well, i adore you.

thank you so much for your sweet comment!

you asked about my schooling - it's a lot of fun. we study all aspects of design. colors, textures, composition, lighting, drafting, design and then business(blah) ect. it's a lot of fun actually :)

i hope you have a wonderful weekend, my dear!

Ana spunea...

Thank you so so much:).
I'm so glad you like them:)

Maybe some day you will have the time to write a post about them, I would feel really happy cause I think your blog is one of the most spiritual and honest I've read:)

Lots of hugs

indigotangerine spunea...

Life is so much more important than blogging. we will be here whn it is the right time for you to return. I'd hate for your hobby to turn into a chore.

Diya spunea...

beautiful words...your writing style is so girly and whimsical

thanks for your super sweet words on my blog! Some days it's hard to want to post the pictures on my blog since I see 100000 flaws in them but comments like yours make it all worthwhile!

ps. congrats on it being featured in Telluric Season Magazine!


nookie spunea...

congrats on the article, you're writing is great

bicocacolors spunea...

Ruxandra how i love daydreamer...
beautiful words, beautiful pictures...inpiring me a lot.
Thank you and greetings from Spain