A Moment of Reality


I've recently received 2 blog awards, thanks a lot:)

The amazing and sweet Nicole gave me this award, along with a tag of 7 random facts about me.

1.I'm a chocaholic.
2.I've become addicted to Japanese/Taiwanese/Korean dramas.
3.I'm not the fast-food type of person, though i won't turn down the occasion of going to McDonalds.
4.I wish i was taller[i'm 166 cm].But i can still grow until i'm 18, right?:)
5.Sometimes, i let people influence my decisions.I know it's a bad thing, but i care to much about their opinions.Sometimes.
6.I get really scared when trying new things.Really scared.
7.I travelled by plane for the first time in my life this summer:)

Now, i give this award to the amazing girls from Tangerine umbreallas on an indigo day , to the always-inspiring Vicki, to the lovely Eliza and to the super-talented Sangeun Oh .

Now, the other award, i got it from the sweet Emmy.I also have to share 10 interesting things about myself.

1.I used to play tennis.And volleyball.And dance.And i wish i didn't quit the tennis practices.
2.I've been learning English since i was 6.But, deep inside, i think i learnt it before being born, because my mom used to bean English teacher when pregnant with me.
3.I take lots of photos..But i'm still learning how to take good ones.
4.I have a nine-year old brother.[and it's his name day today...]
5.I like spending time with my grandparents and, usually, old people.Their stories are just so amazing, it's like somebody's reading me a book.
6.I'm working on my French, and planning to actually start again German lessons and even learn an asian language one day.
7.I so want to study abroad.The problem is what should i study?:)
8.I make plans.Lots of them.And lists.But i almost never respect them.
9.I love love love writting, but you know that, right?
10.I am a daydreamer.

I give this award to the next amazing ladies: Sierra, Eve, Anna, Nadine, Claradevi, Sophia, Annie , Morena, Sam and Ariella.
All of these girls are talented, sweet and ready to help.

Can't believe there's only one more day of August...It doesn't feel real.

12 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

Thank you for the award.

Eliza spunea...

thank you thank you thank you! :) you're such a sweetie. i enjoyed reading the facts about yourself!

it's true, time seems to pass so fast. phew...

i'll add your blog to my wondrous reads list <3

Claradevi spunea...

Thank you for the award! Nice surprise to read just right after I'm awake from my long, addictive sleep :)

It's fun when I realize we shared several similarities! Like when you love to spend the time with your grandparents, working on your french (well, mine is awful, actually), make lots of plans and list, love writings...daydreamer! Beautiful facts about you too. Really nice to know you a bit more. <3

ps : yes, i've got your email and still looking for any spare time to answer, hope thats okay :))

OceanDreams spunea...

Hey sweetie, thanks so much for the award, it is so elegant, like you! I enjoyed learning more about you...keep on dreaming!

OceanDreams spunea...

By the way, I am not a psychologist but I certainly like to analyze things, as you can see! Thanks for your sweet comments on my last post, hope you enjoyed your weekend! XO

linaa, spunea...

omg cool, blog awards
i dind't know about them!! :D YOU ARE SUCH A NICE PERSON!
:D this is so cool, i learnt something newww! (im new at blogging so im a total loserR)
your blog background is so sweet <3 i love love LOVE ITT!

Sam spunea...

Thank you so much for the award! You're so sweet :)

Eve spunea...

Aww thanks lovely for the award! I appreciate it!


Anonim spunea...

You're so sweet. :) Thanks so much, Ruxandra!!! Btw, you are so talented on Polyvore!

Rosie Unknown spunea...

Yay for chocaholics!

It isn't always a bad thing to let people influence your decisions, they often have a different perspective, and it can be helpful.

Ela spunea...

Congratulations on your awards! Oh and my doctor told me, one can grow till their 21...not sure if he was telling the truth.

p.s. Thank you for your sweet words. And yes, my bday is coming up soon :)

Sophia spunea...

Thanks so so much for the award!

There are so many things I wish I didn't quit, one of which is tennis for me too. I played for four years when I was 8-12, and I feel like if I had stuck with it I could have been really good. Darn.