Slumdog Millionaire?Yes, please!!!

I've absolutely fallen in LOVE with this song and the video.I love their outfits and the dances.And when i heard this song is from "Slumdog Millionaire" i said to myself i must see that movie asap.Have you seen the movie?


J'aime ton visage
Et tes yeux de lac pur
Ou se reflètent
L'arbre et l'azur.

J'aime ton sourire
Comme la pierre du tréfonds
Ou nagent des poissons blancs
Et longs, a l'oeil rond.

Ta tête je l'aime,tu sais,
Rivage plein de roseaux
Ou dorment les araignées
Sur les duvets des cieux.

Ton être tout entier
De chagrin et de joie
Pourquoi devrais je l'aimer?
Il ne le faudrait pas...

Picture by me and poem by Tudor Arghezi[romanian poem translated in French]

Gossips&Laughs&Tea&Books&Friends:can you ask for more?

Sorry for not blogging lately...highschool is not as easy as it sounds:).Well, right now i'm in a strange attitude: i love the sun and everything that has to do with spring, summer...but i just want snow.More and more snow.It's strange, right?When everybody is happy that winter ended i kinda miss it.However...Last Saturday i spent some good time with some friends at a Tea Shop[whisch had a book shop at the first floor].The most adorable place in this city[after the forest near my house, of course].I thopught i should share some photos.Unfortunately, none of us had her camera with her so we used Elvira's mobile camera[thanks a thousand times dear].These are not the best quality[sorry], but the time we've spent definetly was.

From left to right: Elvira, me and Adelina.

Left to right:Elvira,Cristina,me and Adelina.

Open your window and smile to the sky:)

A new beggining.How is it like when you fight for everything?when you fight for survival?You feel like you're not in the right place.That everybody is giving you the cold shoulders.That it was better in the place you came from.That...

...that times is not slowing at all, it is actually passing faster.And your life is passing by you.You don't like the new world,neither go back to the old one.

The sun is shining.You should smile.Something in this world is trying to make you feel better here.It's Spring now.I know you'll miss Winter, but this is life.times goes by.You are still left with the memories.

And now it's time to begin this new "thing".don't be pesimistic...everything will be ok.Just try this:a flower.A simple flower in your room.Won't this make you feel better?And embrace the new beggining?

So leave the fears behind and enjoy this!!!