Four and Seven...An Endless Dream...The Little "Thank You" Pray...

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale
[A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!]

By accident or not, this post is my 47th.
I was born on 4th of September.
My brother was born on 7th of February.
4 and 7 have always flown around me, lots of things have happened in my life that have to do with this numbers.If someone can love numbers, i will always love these two numbers.
And today is Christmas.
Happiness snowflakes, the smell of joy and warming laughs; that's how my 16th Christmas is.And i have all the right reasons to love it.Yet, as my life has slowly settled down and became more and more beautiful in the past 4 months, i have all the right reasons to love me at 16.I am waiting for one more thing...which might slowly come...

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the gift of going to the camp.You can't even imagine how many gifts this huge one hidded.Friends, hot chocolate, ski, snow, camp fire, good food, great music, hugs, kisses, dreams, endless nights of friendship and short days of fun,
philosophies of life, quotes...unforgetable moments which i will cherish forever.We were 7 teenagers and now we will forever be 7 friends.
I hope you will not forget about me next year neither...

Dear God,
Thank you for everything that you have brought to me.A year of happiness and sorrows, of laughs and tears, of good friends and caring family, lots of chances to learn more about me and wisdom.
And i shall be better and talk to you more often.And help the others more often.And read the Bible.And learn what is to be learned.
And may the next year bring me the love i need.
Thank you!



Sweet November

Nelson: This is it, life will never be better, or sweeter than this.~"Sweet November"
An end is a new beggining.
Walking seems so boring once i learned how to fly.You were there to help me, and you too.All of you made my autumn.I grew up with you.I learned how to cry and how to smile.Then i taught you how to do it.I danced in the rain, i ran into the woods and i wrote.More than never.I sang and danced, took photographs and talked.I learned.I drank tea and hot chocolate, i made plans and saw them coming to life.For the first time in my life.I shared and regretted when didn't.I learned from mistakes.I made new friends and learned to say goodbye.I was and still am enchanted by this Indian Summer.Couldn't have been perfect for the sixteen-year old me.I love you and i love me.
And now i am letting you go...Still, memories of you will remain forever in my heart, and photographs in my room, as the first time i have actually lived.And i am doing it right now.Living my life.
Goodbye November.October and September are waiting for you.Your train is leaving.Thank you.
Goodbye Autumn.


Morning Light in her Room

Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light. ~Jean Giraudoux

She is still here.
Wounded, but here.
Slowly, the light conqueres the room and makes its way through the darkness.Or what is left of it.Pain is gone.And what amazes her is the fact of actually missing it.Can you even imagine missing something that hurted you for such a long time?She feels that way.Maybe she can not feel anymore and she just lives from memories.
But it is all over.For the moment.Day and night are worlds apart.And she should realize that the appropriate thing to do is to live by the rules.Until she is back on her feet, she has to play by the rules.There's no harm in it, is it?
But, again, it's morning.It is a brand new day.Forgetting and forgiving, learning and living.Simple rules for complicated people.
Yet the beautiful sunflares joined their hands and danced around her, filling her cold world with warm and beautiful thoughts.
She smiled.It really is morning...


Shattered Dreams in the Night

My heart is glass, daily shattered. ~Jaesse Tyler
She can cut the silence with a knife.That's how deep it is.No one to talk to her.No one to hear her...
Alone.In the darkest corner of the room her can almost hear her heart beating.Slowly, afraid that the slightest noise could make a change.Fears running through her veins like they keep her body alive.She closes her eyes.But it doesn't go away.
Silence is harder then noise.The pain you feel, like you've fallen through a glass window.The fears that whisper you things you've never thought of.Unbelievable.Yet reality...
Tears run down her cheeks, touch her soft lips and show the emptyness of her soul.
What happened to her dreams?They shattered like the glass window she had fallen through...It's nothing more than a word now...Dreams can not save her, dreams can not cheer her up.Dreams do not exist in her world anymore...Once the coloured city, now the grey one.
The paint is hidden away somewhere, in the lighted corner of the room.Where sun touches everything, where hope is the rule and dreams exist...where she used to live.
Her heart keeps beatting.Slowly, fear is taking over it and turns the two chambers reserved to light into darkness.And she can't stop them.She is too afraid.
And alone.In a never-ending night.


Hold me tight because i might go away one day...

I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. So I like best of all autumn, because its tone is mellower, its colours are richer, and it is tinged with a little sorrow. Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. It knows the limitations of life and its content.~Lin Yutang

The thinnest yellow light of November was more warming than the powerful sun in the middle of July.The clear, crisp autumn morning and the soft wind made Lara's cheeks turn red.Fallen leaves moved as she made her way to her destination.
Her lively personality and optimistic approach to life are a quaint charm.You could recognize this red-haired girl from a crowd within a second.
Her slow, yet sure, pace grew with every second.The tiny raindrops made their way to the ground.In no time she opened her beautiful heart-shaped bag and took her umbrella.A simple and black umbrella.That was enough for her.No flowers, no inscription...just simplicity.
Only then did she realize what she was doing.Walking faster and faster, hidding away from the cold raindrops and trying her best to hurry up.
In time she would loose all this.
She would lose the November mornings at that age, the November mornings at any age.Her skin would not feel the cold of the raindrops; yet, she had all the time in the world to find the warmth of those raindrops because she could still look at life throuh rose-coloured spectacles.For the time being, she could stop the time.In her beliefs, her dreams and her mind; she was young, there was no time.In the future, it would be unavoidable.Like a trap.
She stopped.The empty park seemed to reflect her thoughts.It was crystal clear that her life had never looked better.
A smile came across her face and so did the rainbow on the sky.
She put her umbrella back where it belonged and sat on a bench, admiring the beauty of nature, certain of her own beauty.
She now knew that sadness is out of reach and hapinness is the rule.


The Thursday us

Teenagers complain there's nothing to do, then stay out all night doing it. ~Bob Phillips

Thursday night.The cold grey world is left behind while my steps guide me in another world.
I open my eyes and try not to look too excited.Like over the moon type of excitement.I try.And they are there.In a hidden corner of this majestic place, they are there.Always.
And they smile and they talk and they drink and they dance.And they smile again...
And it's a never ending circle.Once you're there, you can't get out.And who would want to get out?Friends and Pepsi twist and good music and fancy dresses and friends.And someone that was you once upon a time.
Somewhere, i loose myself on the way.From those stairs to the dancing floor.And then i know i have to take a break and breathe.Just look around and realize this is one night only.Never coming back.But i am not just for one night.I can be forever;if not, just a lifetime.And that may be forever.
That smile and that atmosphere, like we are not humans, like we are spirits who lift themselves in the air and let the wind carry them anywhere.That's the effect everything has on me.On what's left of me.
"Come on, dance with me!!!"
And i go to the dancing floor and i smile and i let the music carry me wherever it wants.
And i am not lost anymore.I am me.The today me.Tomorrow is not important now.
Because i find myself everywhere and today will be soon gone.



To me you'll be forever sacred...
Never giving up, always looking forward.
Always smiling or hidding your tears.
Always the reason to go on for the others.
Someone's grandson, son, father, grandfather, greatgrandfather...
Living the life you want to live.
The little time that was left you did it your way.
I sincerely hope you are happy.
And that you were happy on Earth.
Few years on the same planet, fewer minutes in the same room.
But you were there.
Never giving up, always looking forward.
To me you'll be forever sacred....


Rainy City

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~Author Unknown

Open your eyes and watch it.Open your heart and listen to it.Smell it.Live it.Remember it.
The beautiful rainy October day has just started.Like a piano song, you could listen to it all day long.And why not do it?It's God who plays the song, so pray and thank.
And get out.Take your beautiful red coat and Mary-Jane shoes and go out.No umbrella,not now.Go out and dance.Feel the raindrops on your body, while they walk on your face, trying to remember every part of you.It will make you smile, it will make you the happiest person on Earth.Dance.
And this is true joy.To become one with the nature, to feel it in your bones and still not get enough.We are part of the nature, and we give, and we take.Now take the joy out of those raindrops and turn it in beautiful thoughts in your mind and full of love feeling in your heart.
Can you see it?Can you see how the colours dance in the rain?Who said colours fade when raining was blind.How yellow and green and blue, and red and purple and black join their little hands and fill the world with happiness and beauty.And all the colours show their beauty like they never had, and from somewhere, behind the clouds, the sun gives them the energy to to do it.
Colours are everywhere now.At school, they knock at the windows and help you.In the park, they are the reason you curl under an umbrella with him.At home, they are the ones that listen to you.They colour the world.And they colour you.Thanks to the rain, they can get to your heart in every way posible.
And as cold as they are when touching your body along with the raindrops, as much they warm your heart.
And when the beautiful night comes, the tiny stars share their glitter, letting it come down on a ray of new moon and colour the rain.And then the morning comes...


Dear reader...

I am not sorry.
Blogging has become a part of my life.
It's just that it is not the priority now.
And it's not a matter of inspiration.
It's just a matter of time.
I won't make promises anymore.
I am not gone.
I still look at your blogs.
Though i don't have the time to comment.
Trust me.
May your day be as beautiful as mine.


Equality is the soul of freedom.
In front of God, we are all the same, regardless of the way we look.
We come from different places, but we are all on the same boat.


The moment when you first wake up in the morning is the most wonderful of the twenty-four hours. No matter how weary or dreary you may feel, you possess the certainty that, during the day that lies before you, absolutely anything may happen. And the fact that it practically always doesn't, matters not a jot. The possibility is always there. ~Monica Baldwin

You hear the alarm clock.Still asleep, you turn it off.And return to the comfy, warm bed.And you dream.At least, that's what you think you're doing.And sunflares come into your room, softly touching your body and face.And you feel happy.And it lasts for long enough to put a smile on your face.
A new day.


We are not what you think we are...

Alice came to a fork in the road. "Which road do I take?" she asked.
"Where do you want to go?" responded the Cheshire cat.
"I don't know," Alice answered.
"Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."
~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Take a deep breath.Stop from anything you were doing.Listen.Try to get over the ear splitting noise of the busy town you're living in or the beautiful singing voices of the birds.Listen to you.The real you.Who says when it's time to eat or drink, to sleep or walk.That you knows everything about you.And more.
Though, you'd never listen to yourself.Why?Oh, there would be so many reasons.Some would be, of course, excuses, but our mind easily transforms them into reasons.Unexplicable.Though, take it the other way.Why not?
What would be wrong about not paing attention to what everybody else says and listen to you?Do what you like, not what you're told?And, though you don't really know what to do,you know for sure what you don't want to do.So, leave everything behind.Right now.
Listen to you.And do it carefully.You have the choice.And the right to choose.So, now, what do you hear?


Two words that make my life easier and my heart bigger, that show you are loved and have a purpose in life

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. ~Author Unknown

Thank you for listening to me.
Thank you for standing right there, not running away when i'm in the deepest sorrow.
Thank you for the smile you share.And the tears you drive away.
Thank you for listening to me.And telling me everything else.
Thank you for giving me the chance to do better.
Thank you for calling me.
Thank you for arguing with me.Life would be so boring without that.
Thank you for dancing and singing and fooling around.That makes me laugh, because you're not the most talented person on Earth, but you make this for me.Did i say thank you for that?
Thank you for giving me a new song to listen to.Everyday.
Thank you for accepting my moody days.
Thank you for not getting tired of my thoughts.Sometimes they are so philosophical, some time just stupid.But thank you.
Thank you for giving me things to occupy my mind with.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for existing.
Thank you.

Tuesday note: I've just found out that Patrick Swayze passed away."Dirty Dancing" is one of my favourite movies, and i feel like he was too young to die at 57.Hope the cure for his illness will be found in the future.Rest in peace.


Don't think.Just act.Because friendship is way more important than your ego

Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge. ~Isaac Friedmann

You feel it with your heart.It’s not too late.Everything will be just fine.
Just go there, hug that person and say it.Be honest.As loud as you can.Say you’re sorry.Share your true feelings.Don’t be afraid.Because it’s not the right time for this.But, for once in your life, confront your fears and don’t loose that person.It’s a friend, right?And friends are made so you won’t sepparate from them.True ones.
It’s not as easy as it seems.But you can make it.
Friends are made to be there for you, with you.They will always wait in the shadows, ready to hug you one more time, not so ready to say good-bye.That’s not friendship.Good-byes should not exist in a friendship.They should be a reminder of the worst case scenario, just so you can stick around more often.Forever.


Don't act like you don't know me.Find your words and say it!

There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein. ~Walter Wellesley "Red" Smith

I remember the excitment of learning a new word.For me, it was like discovering a new word.Playing with the letters like they were little humans, with a soul and a heart.They were speaking to me, saying out loud their place in the word, like humans have a place in the world.I was becoming a friend of those words, some were so beautiful to me that i would repeat them for days.You would hear me talking by myself, saying the same word over and over again.It was like a game where the most beautiful words for me would be the winners.And day after day, i would discover other words.Other winners.A never ending game.
Some would not find anything special in a word.
"It's just a word.We use them to speak.Nothing more than that."
But i find beauty in those words.Beyond their meanings, there is beauty.In my opinion, every word is a flower.Lucky those who have a garden.And, sometimes, a word that has its letters arranged like there was a war, with nothing nice in the way you pronunce it or write it, has a meaning you could never think of.Others are such a pleasure to pronunce, yet their meaning couldn't have been more insipid.
In the end, i still find every word as a different world.And being able to play with them, that makes me feel so good.No, forget that.Good is not enough.I feel likge a little God.There are so many words waiting to be discovered, used and to have their beauty revealed, that time is not enough.Seriously.
I find this the most amazing thing in the world.We would be anything without words.Some things won't need words to be described, but those are few.For everything else, words are more than necessary.Like air for us.
And if Med students have coffee running through their veins, i have letters running through mines.


Almost there.Where i can be me.A 16 year-old me.

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip. ~Author Unknown

There is a first for everything.First September, first step, first word, first smile, first scratch and so on...But then comes the second.And the third.And that thing it's not so special anymore.
I am always afraid of the first.Be it first speech in public or first flight, first love or broken heart.It's a first.And it will forever remain in my memory.As a first something...
Though, some things are first and last on the same time.Like the sun eclipse in '98 or the "You are my best friend" letter.It's much easier to remember this firsts, because there was no second.Yet, some of them remained as firsts because they were not meant to happen.Neither then, neither any other time.Never again.
I believe this is a definition of life.A circle of firsts.The ones that will keep repeating, the ones that won't.All togheter, they represent our life.The one and only life maybe...

We can't control all things in life.These firsts can not be controlled, or there wouldn't be life, right?And a new first is coming closer and closer to me.Friday is not that far away,somwhere a day thrown in time.It's my first 16th birthday.My one and only 16th birthday.A first, and a last.
And it's a first just going through this mixture of feelings.You can tell me "i've been there", but it doesn't help.I must find my own way out.It feels awful, yet amazing.
I am aware that time is passing, i can't stop it.It's time, not a train.I know that i must be thankful for everything i have, appreciate each day and live the moment.But, then, from a black corner of my heart comes that thought.Why can't i have what she has?Why am i feeling lonely?Why don't i have a boyfriend?Why can't i respect deadlines?Why do i have to grow up and make decisions?Why do i have to question myself?Why?...
And then, for a short moment, there's light.There's hope.You're healthy, beautiful and young.Never be like this again.You have your family and friends, teachers and strangers.You have a home, you can eat chocolate and drink coffee.You can do all of this and even more.You are capable.You are you.And that says it all.

When i was a child, i was thought to count.
It was fun.It was a great feeling.To count everything.
Now, i learned that everything counts.Every year, every day, every moment, every breath...
Nobody taught me that.I had to learn it...
I learned that every first could be a last.

A Moment of Reality


I've recently received 2 blog awards, thanks a lot:)

The amazing and sweet Nicole gave me this award, along with a tag of 7 random facts about me.

1.I'm a chocaholic.
2.I've become addicted to Japanese/Taiwanese/Korean dramas.
3.I'm not the fast-food type of person, though i won't turn down the occasion of going to McDonalds.
4.I wish i was taller[i'm 166 cm].But i can still grow until i'm 18, right?:)
5.Sometimes, i let people influence my decisions.I know it's a bad thing, but i care to much about their opinions.Sometimes.
6.I get really scared when trying new things.Really scared.
7.I travelled by plane for the first time in my life this summer:)

Now, i give this award to the amazing girls from Tangerine umbreallas on an indigo day , to the always-inspiring Vicki, to the lovely Eliza and to the super-talented Sangeun Oh .

Now, the other award, i got it from the sweet Emmy.I also have to share 10 interesting things about myself.

1.I used to play tennis.And volleyball.And dance.And i wish i didn't quit the tennis practices.
2.I've been learning English since i was 6.But, deep inside, i think i learnt it before being born, because my mom used to bean English teacher when pregnant with me.
3.I take lots of photos..But i'm still learning how to take good ones.
4.I have a nine-year old brother.[and it's his name day today...]
5.I like spending time with my grandparents and, usually, old people.Their stories are just so amazing, it's like somebody's reading me a book.
6.I'm working on my French, and planning to actually start again German lessons and even learn an asian language one day.
7.I so want to study abroad.The problem is what should i study?:)
8.I make plans.Lots of them.And lists.But i almost never respect them.
9.I love love love writting, but you know that, right?
10.I am a daydreamer.

I give this award to the next amazing ladies: Sierra, Eve, Anna, Nadine, Claradevi, Sophia, Annie , Morena, Sam and Ariella.
All of these girls are talented, sweet and ready to help.

Can't believe there's only one more day of August...It doesn't feel real.

You don't need a doctor for a broken heart, she's enough...

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

She's right there.By your side.Holding your arms, whispering encouraging words for you and calming you down.Taking care of you when you can't.Helping you follow your path in life.
She's the smiley girl that brightens your day up and the shoulder to cry on, she's the one that listens you for hours, even if you are so drowned in tears or too excited that you can't talk properly.The one that won't mind being woken up at 3 a.m.[not all the time...]
"I am listening.Tell me everything and i'll help you."
That's what she would say.And she wouldn't mind destroing the kitchen in the attempt of cooking.Because it's just an experiment, and experiments take place in a laboratory.That's what the kitchen is to the two of you, a laboratory that looks like a battlefield after you do your "cooking" job.Maybe, one day, you'll be great science women.As long as you're togheter she wouldn't mind.Cleaning up's next.Togheter, of course.
You could tell her a million things and still have a thousand left.So could she.And, if you may ever run out of ideas, you start creating new ones.
For a long talk or a brief conversation, for tears or laughters, for a i-miss-you hug or just the need of a hug, for arguing about which character is better in a book, for watching movies and taking photos,for eating as much ice-cream as you can, while crying watching a way too romantic movie, for riding the bike and falling of it, for trying new colours on your nails and dancing,for singing and waking up the entire neighbourhood, for sharing dreams and accomplish them, for sharing memories and creating new ones.For you.She's right there.

A Moment of Reality

Note: this post is an escape in the reality from my world.Because i live, mostly, in my world, and escape in the reality.I will probably do this every Sunday from now on...

I can't express in words how greatful i am for having you, my readers, here.You make my day.Thanks a lot for your positive feedback, it means so much to me.I caught a cold recently and that's why i didn't write anything, though i tried my best to keep in touch with all of your lovely blogs.Thanks again, and hope you'll keep reading my blog.I will post as soon as i feel better.Thank you!!!
Oh, before i forget, the drawing in the last post it's not mine.I'm not sure where did i get it from, i think it's

Turn the music on.The day has just started...

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~Constanze

The door is closed behind her.Alone, finally.Just her and her dreams, her body and the music.The easiest way of living.Dancing.
Once she feels the rythm, she can do anything.Why did she ever say flying was her ultimate wish?Because it's not.Thinking again at this, that can't be her wish.Just by dancing, she feels like flying, like lifting above the world.So, what's the point of flying if you can experience it on Earth, with loud music, a hot coffee waiting for you when you're sick of it[though she can't get sick of it], moving your body the way you feel, wearing nothing more than pants and an old t-shirt.She smiles.Nobody's watching, right?Not counting the adorable giraffe, Rumi, she got as a present at her 10th birthday anniversary, or the cutest teddy in the world, Joy, found one day at kindergarden.Just by looking at them, she smiles again and tries to take them with her on her own dancefloor, her room.It sure isn't hard, it's dancing.Not flying.But close to it.Not the same.But better.
Choosing to follow a dream that may never come true, or living the one that may even be better?

Make a wish and share a smile, these things will never change

The summer night is like a perfection of thought.[Wallace Stevens]

She looked at the clock, waiting for the right time.But there were 4 minutes left.She could've wait, or she could've tried.She left the laptop on the desk, the music in her heart and the world behind.Standing at the window, her eyes were looking upon the sky.
"Little star, why won't you fall?"
Her eyes became brighter and a smile changed her face.Right there, on the infinit sky, right then, in the summer sky, a little star fell, letting the romantic girl, now more than happy, make a wish.
And the wish may come true...

...Footprints in the Sand...

It was a warm, August morning and I was walking slowly on the beach.The soothing sound of the waves was helping me to put my mind at rest, while the sea-gulls were flying all around me.
Out of the blue,he came towards me.He looked particulary lovely that morning.He held my hands for a couple of minutes.It looked like the world stopped for the two of us…I was getting used to the idea that he felt the same way I did, but his gorgeus black eyes gave him away.
My heart was thumping loudly as he told me the real reason he had come to me.There were tears in my eyes, indicative of the fact that my world was crushing down.He muttered he was sorry and that he had slept on it all night long, but he couldn’t take chances for me.He also said he regreted he had hurt me.I stopped looking at him, I knew his words weren’t tall lies.My mind was far away for a couple of minutes.I couldn’t give him the cold shoulders, and neither could hug him.
A cold breeze played with my soft curls.I was at a loss, even if the solution was obvious.Once in a blue moon I look up to someone and, this time,that special person has disappointed me.He disappointed me.I looked into the clear sky and said, for the first and last time, I loved him…I was overtaken by the mixture of emotions inside of me.At that point, my only solution was running away.So I just did it.I ran on the shore until I fell down among broken shells, with my face covered with tears.
That warm, August morning, which was the longest one I had ever had, was not only the end of summer, but also the end of us.And all that was left of us were footprints in the sand that would be soon erased by the sea, like time would erase the marks in my heart…

These sunny days, the lazy me...

Today i was extremly lazy.I didn't do anything special.Just watched some movie trailers, and listened music.Lots of music.Here are some of the songs that i absolutelt love, and which have more than amazing videos.The first song kinda describes my last days.And it's with GG scenes, one more reason to love it.And, please, keep on sharing your opinion on my little story.Have a nice day:)

Pearls and Coffee Perfume

The day wasn’t over. Though the smell of fresh coffee and the light outside made her feel the opposite. Maybe it was the beginning of the night, maybe the morning. It didn’t really matter, she knew she would sleep for at least 10 hours after drinking the coffee. And finishing another book. But there was the problem. The coffee. That coffee.
There was something in that coffee that made Ariella feel like she should do anything in the world but not drink it. The smell of that coffee, it was a combination. A combination of her memories, the past and the future all in that powerful coffee smell. Good, but strange. It was one of those moments when you remember every little thing from your past, and then you imagine the future and all those things that are waiting for you. And you have to choose. Cruel reality.
That smell meant it was the moment. If she drank it, she would have to move on. To start her new adventures and stop worrying about the past. But what to choose?
Moving her eyes from the old table to the window, she saw the raindrops hitting gently the window’s surface. It was sunny, but raining. Perfect, because that meant a rainbow, something she had been loving since she was only 5. She was in her grandparents house with her sister, watching “Alice in Wonderland” for the 10th time, and her grandma called both of them to see the miracle. The rainbow…
Tassus was sitting in his little blue corner of the room, also watching the raindrops. He was not as noisy as usual, probably he felt the tension in the room. He knew his friend had something to think about. And he felt left alone, without a play partner.
Out of the blue, the phone rang. Once, twice…
“Hello?” Ariella’s voice stroke the silence in the room.
“Hey there! Are you ok? You sound kind of worried.”
“I am just fine. I was drinking a coffee.”
She tried to sound ok, but she lied. She kept playing with the pearls in her hair, trying hard to concentrate on the conversation.She got the pearls the pearls when she was just one year old, they were one of the things she would keep untill the end of her life, as a witness of her most beautiful moments.
“I just called to see what are your plans for the weekend? You know, those 2 days that we always wait for in the near future. I thought of going to London for a short trip, and you love London so I also thought you could join me.”
She hated that word. Now more than never, “future” seemed to get into her life and take everything for her. But London seemed more than amazing as a way to spend the weekend.
“Absolutely, I can’t possibly miss that. If there’s one thing I’m sure about in this world is that I love London. And you, of course, my sweet sister.”
“Well, see you at the airport on Friday evening then. Bye and sorry for ruining your coffee brake.”
“Yep, see you there.”
The coffee brake seemed like forever. But she could live forever, couldn’t she?
She went back to the table, picked the shooping list from it’s other side and took her Nanette Lepore coat. The rain may have stopped during her phone conversation, but it was still cold. She also grabbed her camera, just in case she would catch the rainbow, and made her way to the front door. Tassus was just behinde her when she took a 180º turn and went back to the coffee cup. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and gulped the coffee. That was it. She ended all of her worries in one second, and now she could carry on, without forgetting anything, because her will was stronger.
She left the house with a smile on her face, childhood memories and excitment of new discoveries in her mind, coffee perfume and pearls in her hair, heading towards the end of the rainbow...

It's not always what you wanted it to be.But things get better.

Many things have passed since the last time i was here.First, it's about the tragic deaths that surprised me.Farrah, Michael...gone too early.I think you agree with me.
Then, about this blog.When i created it, i named it "sunset old stories" for a reason.Because i love writting.And i love sharing my compositions with others.From time to time i may post outfit photos or photos of any kind, but i made it to share my thoughts.To see if i could actually go on with writting, even making a career out of it.And it all went to a wrong direction.Don't get me wrong, i'll still share my daily experiences[tough i was a really bad blogger], but everything will spin around my stories.And now i'm working on one of them, i'll publish it on Sunday.It's a thank you gift for the sweet Ariella, who helped me from the very first post.Thank you sweetie, and hope you'll like it when you'll read it.On Sunday.I'll keep my promise this time.

Edit: because of some personal problems, the new post has to wait until Thursday.

Rest In Peace, our one and only Michael Jackson.

All i can say is...May he find the peace he never had on Earth.

Pieces of my dreams are coming back to my memory...

Hei there!!!So, here are the photos i promised long time ago.Since my last post i made some changes, like cutting my hair:)Anyway, this photos are from a beach resort in my country.But tomorrow i'm leaving, again, with my family for Antalya, Turkey.8 days of sun, beach and sea.The perfect way to spend my summer(and it's just the beggining).Plus, i'm staying in a room with a friend, and not with my parents!!!Some freedom is waiting for me.I don't have any other outfit posts, for now.I was such a lazy girl.Waking up at 11a.m., eatting everything i wanted, reading and listening to music.That's how i spent the first week of my holiday.But i know most of you have exams, so good luck!!!!
Another outfit post.Sorry for those potos i've promised, i had something to work at and had no time.This photos are like 2-3 weeks old:)<

Oficially, summer is here:)I've had an escapade to the seaside with my parents, i left on Tuesday and came back yesterday.Later today i'll post some photos.But right now i've came across an amazing set on Polyvore.It makes me think of my childhood, remember nice things and just cry.Honestly, time's flying way too fast.And in September i'll be 16, but i feel like it was yesterday when i was 5.When i was a little girl that was wearing Mom's clothes, that was playing in the front of the block with neighbours and it just makes me sad.Because of the lost times.Anyway, in my way to cheering up i'm watching over and over again the "New Moon" trailer, i just can't wait fot the movie:)Do you have any specific memory from your childhood?


Here are some of my outfits from last week:)

Happy B-day to each and every kid in this world.In the end, we are all children:)
Dear Blog,
I'm terribly sorry that i have neglected you lately...

Honestly, i could find myself in the position of making this my "online diary".For the moment, i'll stick to sharing my opinions and not complaining about every little thing that has happened to me since my last post.God, it's a long time, right?School.This is the reason.But, don't worry, holiday's around the corner and i can't wait to be able to stick around here more often.Another bad news: i haven't taken photos of my outfts recently...i know i should have, 'cause, God, what an inspirationa i had:)),but i just was to absorbed by school.Again.It has it own good parts too.
For example, i have to do a project called "Holiday in the U.S.A.", so if anybody knows a lot about California or lives there, please, please, will you send me an email, telling me what beautiful things are there to visit?It's not that i don't have the Internet for this, but i prefer taking my information from you, readers, californians:).The same thing about Hawaii.Thanks a lot.
Expect an amount of pictures this weekend.Maybe at the end of the weekend:))At least i have two parties i'll go on in the next couple of weeks, some walks and gossip planned with the girls, and lots, but lots, of photos!!!in one word: FUN!!!If i'm lucky enough, my art teacher will take the photos i've sent her and use them in the exposition she's doing, themed "Childhood".
Wish me luck.


P.S.: A big Happy Birthday to Elenas and Constantins.La multi ani!