Rest In Peace, our one and only Michael Jackson.

All i can say is...May he find the peace he never had on Earth.

Pieces of my dreams are coming back to my memory...

Hei there!!!So, here are the photos i promised long time ago.Since my last post i made some changes, like cutting my hair:)Anyway, this photos are from a beach resort in my country.But tomorrow i'm leaving, again, with my family for Antalya, Turkey.8 days of sun, beach and sea.The perfect way to spend my summer(and it's just the beggining).Plus, i'm staying in a room with a friend, and not with my parents!!!Some freedom is waiting for me.I don't have any other outfit posts, for now.I was such a lazy girl.Waking up at 11a.m., eatting everything i wanted, reading and listening to music.That's how i spent the first week of my holiday.But i know most of you have exams, so good luck!!!!
Another outfit post.Sorry for those potos i've promised, i had something to work at and had no time.This photos are like 2-3 weeks old:)<

Oficially, summer is here:)I've had an escapade to the seaside with my parents, i left on Tuesday and came back yesterday.Later today i'll post some photos.But right now i've came across an amazing set on Polyvore.It makes me think of my childhood, remember nice things and just cry.Honestly, time's flying way too fast.And in September i'll be 16, but i feel like it was yesterday when i was 5.When i was a little girl that was wearing Mom's clothes, that was playing in the front of the block with neighbours and it just makes me sad.Because of the lost times.Anyway, in my way to cheering up i'm watching over and over again the "New Moon" trailer, i just can't wait fot the movie:)Do you have any specific memory from your childhood?


Here are some of my outfits from last week:)

Happy B-day to each and every kid in this world.In the end, we are all children:)