Probably this is my now


That’s what I do.This is my lifestyle.

A cycle of little pretty things that keep me breathing and moving and talking and crying and smiling and, eventually, living. I feel the difference of living the moment and living in the future.

Yesterday I was the girl that woke up at 12 a.m. because she had just spent her last night awake until 4 a.m. to make memories with her best friend. Talking and laughing and making silly faces and inventing new nicknames and simply living.

Today I am the morning kind of person that drinks her coffee while reading a twenty nine-year olds adventure through the French cuisine. She takes photographs of herself and of everything else, she plays dress up from time to time and she wants to capture the pretty moments of the day that just shine in the sun beams in heart shaped jars of glass. If only they were unbreakable…

Tomorrow I do not know who she will be. Maybe a lazy girl hanging around her yard playing with her dog or a young, talented writer or just a step closer to being seventeen. But what did change is that she no longer wants to know who she will be the next day.

And it is better this way.Life seems to offer much more opportunities and she seems to fully embrace them this way. In the present.

I learn to fly higher with each passing day. I will forever know where my cage is and what joys it brings me, but sometimes the unknown and infinite sky simply needs to be explored. And it sure does take a lot of time.

But I would rather have this girl the way she is now. Busy living.