The Thursday us

Teenagers complain there's nothing to do, then stay out all night doing it. ~Bob Phillips

Thursday night.The cold grey world is left behind while my steps guide me in another world.
I open my eyes and try not to look too excited.Like over the moon type of excitement.I try.And they are there.In a hidden corner of this majestic place, they are there.Always.
And they smile and they talk and they drink and they dance.And they smile again...
And it's a never ending circle.Once you're there, you can't get out.And who would want to get out?Friends and Pepsi twist and good music and fancy dresses and friends.And someone that was you once upon a time.
Somewhere, i loose myself on the way.From those stairs to the dancing floor.And then i know i have to take a break and breathe.Just look around and realize this is one night only.Never coming back.But i am not just for one night.I can be forever;if not, just a lifetime.And that may be forever.
That smile and that atmosphere, like we are not humans, like we are spirits who lift themselves in the air and let the wind carry them anywhere.That's the effect everything has on me.On what's left of me.
"Come on, dance with me!!!"
And i go to the dancing floor and i smile and i let the music carry me wherever it wants.
And i am not lost anymore.I am me.The today me.Tomorrow is not important now.
Because i find myself everywhere and today will be soon gone.



To me you'll be forever sacred...
Never giving up, always looking forward.
Always smiling or hidding your tears.
Always the reason to go on for the others.
Someone's grandson, son, father, grandfather, greatgrandfather...
Living the life you want to live.
The little time that was left you did it your way.
I sincerely hope you are happy.
And that you were happy on Earth.
Few years on the same planet, fewer minutes in the same room.
But you were there.
Never giving up, always looking forward.
To me you'll be forever sacred....


Rainy City

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~Author Unknown

Open your eyes and watch it.Open your heart and listen to it.Smell it.Live it.Remember it.
The beautiful rainy October day has just started.Like a piano song, you could listen to it all day long.And why not do it?It's God who plays the song, so pray and thank.
And get out.Take your beautiful red coat and Mary-Jane shoes and go out.No umbrella,not now.Go out and dance.Feel the raindrops on your body, while they walk on your face, trying to remember every part of you.It will make you smile, it will make you the happiest person on Earth.Dance.
And this is true joy.To become one with the nature, to feel it in your bones and still not get enough.We are part of the nature, and we give, and we take.Now take the joy out of those raindrops and turn it in beautiful thoughts in your mind and full of love feeling in your heart.
Can you see it?Can you see how the colours dance in the rain?Who said colours fade when raining was blind.How yellow and green and blue, and red and purple and black join their little hands and fill the world with happiness and beauty.And all the colours show their beauty like they never had, and from somewhere, behind the clouds, the sun gives them the energy to to do it.
Colours are everywhere now.At school, they knock at the windows and help you.In the park, they are the reason you curl under an umbrella with him.At home, they are the ones that listen to you.They colour the world.And they colour you.Thanks to the rain, they can get to your heart in every way posible.
And as cold as they are when touching your body along with the raindrops, as much they warm your heart.
And when the beautiful night comes, the tiny stars share their glitter, letting it come down on a ray of new moon and colour the rain.And then the morning comes...


Dear reader...

I am not sorry.
Blogging has become a part of my life.
It's just that it is not the priority now.
And it's not a matter of inspiration.
It's just a matter of time.
I won't make promises anymore.
I am not gone.
I still look at your blogs.
Though i don't have the time to comment.
Trust me.
May your day be as beautiful as mine.