Notes to Myself…


I am alive. I am struggling to live.Books and books and homework and expectations and…i am having a hard time coping with all of this.One thesis done, the easiest one, four more to go. Four weeks.And the thing that most upsets me is that i lose four-i mean FOUR- weeks of my life standing on a chair and constantly learning.Without enjoying the lovely April showers or the sun flares in the morning or…am i valuing time to much at my age?I am afraid life will pass me by and, still, i do not live. Now, on with the little notes that might help…

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Rainy Weekend Plans

Hello everybody!
It’s already like 6 p.m. here and it’s definitely a rainy day.Like it has been all week long.April showers, what can i say?
It’s officially the end of my spring holiday and i must prepare for the 5 weeks of thesis ahead of me.One thesis per week.Charming, right?
I’ve just taken a bath and curled my hair, though it is naturally curly, i wanted to try something else.Not the best result, i must say.I have so many things to do this weekend, taking into consideration the fact that i didn’t do much on my holiday.Besides reading a book for school, learning for my French private classes, doing homework and cleaning my closet, i was supposed to go and plant trees tomorrow morning [which, unfortunately, won’t happen for me].I also have to search for my camera’s charging device, as it is simply lost in this house.Maybe it went where lost things go…ha ha [you have to read Cecelia Ahern’s book “A Placed Called Here” to understand what I'm saying].Anyway, I'd better get back to reading and having dinner as my stomach is definitely hungry.
Hope everybody had an amazing Easter and has a lovely spring! Happy weekend!
P.S. I got the most adorable puppy in the world a month ago.Photographs will soon come…as i said, batteries must be charged…
P.P.S. Would you please make time to check the first issue of The Telluric Season magazine where i published an article?Pretty please:)

Because I Fly and You Don’t


Walking along the shore, i feel the bittersweet taste of the breeze.My hands searching the
lost things, my eyes struggling not to cry. Reality slowly making place into my mind, screaming and fighting
against me.Far away sounds of a lost boat were lovers share sweet words under the moon beams beat the silence.And it all comes back to my memory.Your smell,your voice, your eyes…the echo of a life long gone.The farther you go, the stranger you become.And my dreams fall apart like broken glass,causing so much pain one can not bare.
We are worlds apart.

The Need of Knowledge

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How important is religion for you?
I know everyone believes in what he wants, i know everyone has the right to do so, and yet i find myself between two worlds.I know there is somebody up there, greater than everything, and i would like to believe more and more with each passing day.It just gets hard to respect  everything a true Christian should respect in this world.Or is it just me that makes it harder?
I know God has helped me a lot.I can not think that everything that has happened in my life is because of my fate.And, even though, who created my fate?Didn’t God do it?
Maybe it’s because everybody sees just the beauty of the wrapping of a holiday, without carrying where does the beauty really comes from.Easter is more about traditions that are connected with Jesus' life, or better said, death and resurrection.And the beauty of this traditions is strongly connected with our religious life.
Happy Easter!