For Japan with love

        I am sure most of you have heard about the disasters in Japan. Even if I do not live there, even if I have no connection with the Japanese people whatsoever, I have a huge respect and love for their culture.Their lifestyle.Their language. And I can not help but feel like the disaster affected me as well..
    I know there are many organizations where you can donate, but I found this one that is created by two bloggers: And that suggests that we, bloggers from all over the world, should have a day of silence.
    March 18th.
    Maybe you are not one of those who pray for Japan. Or who donated. Or who had a moment of silence for all the lost souls and some hope for those yet not found. Or who had lost someone during these last days. But you are human and you could have been one of them.
    This is the least we can do.
    March 18th.
    For Japan. With love,