The Little Things


                   “People shouldn’t dwell on the past. It’s enough to try your best in all that you’re doing now.”
                                                                                      - Aya, “1 Litre of Tears” (Japanese drama)


Trying your best in what I’m currently doing sure feels good. It keeps me focused, it keeps me motivated and it gives me a reason to get up from your bad each and every day, knowing that  I am about to change something. Something about me or something about the others, something about the world we live in…anything.

Yet it sometimes feels so nice looking back and only being filled with happy memories. I feel… complete at those times. Because it means I haven’t lived in vain. It means I created something, and even if it will only remain in my memory or my closest friend’s memories, it doesn’t mean it is nothing. It can turn out to be everything.

At the end of our lives, aren’t memories the only way to judge our way of living? Aren’t memories those that brighten our days and remind us of the good and the bad we were through, the friends that stayed by our side, the fears we overcome with small steps, the things we learnt, the small things that made our life not empty at all?…


My past experiences are those who made me who I am. And I can only be happy for the recent ones, that only made my days better and heart filled with good feelings.

For lovely, crisp autumn days that I wish would never end. And the heart warming sound of stepping on to fallen leaves.


For joyful little girls that put a smile on your face only with their way of being all cute and beautiful and noisy and funny and extremely adorable and everything else that makes you all glow with happiness from a child’s simple gestures.


For weekend mornings spent with my family which should last an eternity and for school days that sometimes seem to never end…

For getting dressed up with no reason, getting compliments that suddenly increase your self esteem.


For getting to play with an adorable puppy (that shouldn’t be referred to as a puppy any longer) that simply won’t let you do anything without him because he just loves you too much and has to always be there for you( not that I mind him doing so).


For a bunch of pretty flowers and for late night study accompanied by too many cups of hot chocolate and rice&milk&cinnamon.


For finding beautiful poems to read an re-read, only to make me realize how far childhood seems to be and how adulthood knocks at my door, now with being eighteen and everything… (now, excuse me English speakers, but I couldn’t find a way to translate this poem without losing its meaning and harmony of words – I had to keep it in Romanian):


And, lastly, for a beautiful Korean song that manages to give me peace and tranquility every time I listen to it, while expressing some of my fears in beautiful written lyrics…



Indeed, as someone recently said, autumn has been so good to me this far.