Sweet November

Nelson: This is it, life will never be better, or sweeter than this.~"Sweet November"
An end is a new beggining.
Walking seems so boring once i learned how to fly.You were there to help me, and you too.All of you made my autumn.I grew up with you.I learned how to cry and how to smile.Then i taught you how to do it.I danced in the rain, i ran into the woods and i wrote.More than never.I sang and danced, took photographs and talked.I learned.I drank tea and hot chocolate, i made plans and saw them coming to life.For the first time in my life.I shared and regretted when didn't.I learned from mistakes.I made new friends and learned to say goodbye.I was and still am enchanted by this Indian Summer.Couldn't have been perfect for the sixteen-year old me.I love you and i love me.
And now i am letting you go...Still, memories of you will remain forever in my heart, and photographs in my room, as the first time i have actually lived.And i am doing it right now.Living my life.
Goodbye November.October and September are waiting for you.Your train is leaving.Thank you.
Goodbye Autumn.


Morning Light in her Room

Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light. ~Jean Giraudoux

She is still here.
Wounded, but here.
Slowly, the light conqueres the room and makes its way through the darkness.Or what is left of it.Pain is gone.And what amazes her is the fact of actually missing it.Can you even imagine missing something that hurted you for such a long time?She feels that way.Maybe she can not feel anymore and she just lives from memories.
But it is all over.For the moment.Day and night are worlds apart.And she should realize that the appropriate thing to do is to live by the rules.Until she is back on her feet, she has to play by the rules.There's no harm in it, is it?
But, again, it's morning.It is a brand new day.Forgetting and forgiving, learning and living.Simple rules for complicated people.
Yet the beautiful sunflares joined their hands and danced around her, filling her cold world with warm and beautiful thoughts.
She smiled.It really is morning...


Shattered Dreams in the Night

My heart is glass, daily shattered. ~Jaesse Tyler
She can cut the silence with a knife.That's how deep it is.No one to talk to her.No one to hear her...
Alone.In the darkest corner of the room her can almost hear her heart beating.Slowly, afraid that the slightest noise could make a change.Fears running through her veins like they keep her body alive.She closes her eyes.But it doesn't go away.
Silence is harder then noise.The pain you feel, like you've fallen through a glass window.The fears that whisper you things you've never thought of.Unbelievable.Yet reality...
Tears run down her cheeks, touch her soft lips and show the emptyness of her soul.
What happened to her dreams?They shattered like the glass window she had fallen through...It's nothing more than a word now...Dreams can not save her, dreams can not cheer her up.Dreams do not exist in her world anymore...Once the coloured city, now the grey one.
The paint is hidden away somewhere, in the lighted corner of the room.Where sun touches everything, where hope is the rule and dreams exist...where she used to live.
Her heart keeps beatting.Slowly, fear is taking over it and turns the two chambers reserved to light into darkness.And she can't stop them.She is too afraid.
And alone.In a never-ending night.


Hold me tight because i might go away one day...

I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. So I like best of all autumn, because its tone is mellower, its colours are richer, and it is tinged with a little sorrow. Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. It knows the limitations of life and its content.~Lin Yutang

The thinnest yellow light of November was more warming than the powerful sun in the middle of July.The clear, crisp autumn morning and the soft wind made Lara's cheeks turn red.Fallen leaves moved as she made her way to her destination.
Her lively personality and optimistic approach to life are a quaint charm.You could recognize this red-haired girl from a crowd within a second.
Her slow, yet sure, pace grew with every second.The tiny raindrops made their way to the ground.In no time she opened her beautiful heart-shaped bag and took her umbrella.A simple and black umbrella.That was enough for her.No flowers, no inscription...just simplicity.
Only then did she realize what she was doing.Walking faster and faster, hidding away from the cold raindrops and trying her best to hurry up.
In time she would loose all this.
She would lose the November mornings at that age, the November mornings at any age.Her skin would not feel the cold of the raindrops; yet, she had all the time in the world to find the warmth of those raindrops because she could still look at life throuh rose-coloured spectacles.For the time being, she could stop the time.In her beliefs, her dreams and her mind; she was young, there was no time.In the future, it would be unavoidable.Like a trap.
She stopped.The empty park seemed to reflect her thoughts.It was crystal clear that her life had never looked better.
A smile came across her face and so did the rainbow on the sky.
She put her umbrella back where it belonged and sat on a bench, admiring the beauty of nature, certain of her own beauty.
She now knew that sadness is out of reach and hapinness is the rule.