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Blue Monkeys and Other Dreams…


I like happy endings.And imagination brought to the limits.I enjoy the idea of another world,of a love story.On the other hand, i am not at all an action girl, nor one who enjoys wars between different people.”Avatar” had good and bad sides for me…I can not help but admit the unique movie, yet, the plot was based, in my opinion, on a “humans want to become more rich and they do not care if they destroy another people”.I could, however, look at things from another perspective: we are those humans who want so much and destroy no matter what.

I enjoyed the movie, but it didn’t touch my heart.I loved Pandora, the fantasy world that was brought to life, and the Na’Vi  people, it was definitely the creation of an amazing artist with a brilliant imagination.I was especially touched by the bound the Na’Vi people had with the nature.We should remember how tight our bond with nature used to be…

All in all, i definitely don’t regret seeing this movie.Here are my favorite scenes:)[taken from Leona Lewis’ music video-“I See You”]

image  image

image  image

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image image

image image

“An Education”

I was pleasantly surprised to realize how much i loved this movie.The whole 1960’s atmosphere, the clothes, the backgrounds, the lines, the characters’ personalities…the love story who ended Jenny’s innocence and made her become, from a teenagers with dreams, in a women with real goals who had, or will, accomplish those dreams.It was not necessarily the love story that represented the essence of this adorable movie, but the transformations that took Jenny to living her life to the fullest.The actors bounded with their characters and that resulted in a beautiful movie like “An Education” is.This is definitely one of my favorite movies all times, and i am more than happy that the actrice who played Jenny had a charm, that quelque chose that brought the character to life.


An Education Publicity Still

An Education Publicity Still


“The Holiday”

From the successful Amanda,  to the always-in-love-with-the-wrong-guy Iris and their friends, changing your house for a couple of weeks near the holidays can change your life.The prescription is simple: you take a successful  trailer director[Amanda], who has recently broken with her boyfriend, from sunny L.A. and take her to the snowy England, while you take the talented journalist[Iris] in love with the wrong guy,which constantly plays with her, from the snowy England and take her to the sunny L.A.It’s simple.Amanda’s friend will eventually fall for Iris and vice versa,while Iris’s brother will fall for Amanda and, yes, vice versa.Plus a thousand of other happy moments that will make this movie more than delightful…Oh, did i mention the winter wonderland at Iris’s home near Christmas or the simply breathtaking, awe-inspiring sceneries and house decorations?Well, those should be mentioned too.

And, probably, you should also know that Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jack Black fit so perfectly with their characters.Did i mention Jude Law?I think i did…

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Lost in my own thoughts…


Here’s how things are in my life at this point.I have like one week until the holiday, i have still have a thousand things to do, but, anyway, the “hell” week is behind me.Now, the problem is with my future.I know, i am in the 10th grade and i have enough time to think about what i want to do.Well, forget that.It seems that teachers are putting such pressure on this “what college will you go to?” or “it would be much better if you would go to…” stuff.It’s not that i do not appreciate others opinions, i do.But i know that only i can choose the best for me.And speaking of that, how do i know what is best for me?I have an idea of what would make me happy and what i would like to know more about, but i actually have no idea what should i do in life.I mean, how do i know what will fit me best if i don’t try?

And here’s the problem…i can not try one thousand jobs to find the right one.I am completely lost in my thoughts, i am maybe too concerned about the future…I do not know how to find a thing that would be enough to keep me happy for the rest of my life.Though i can think about a couple of things that represent a total interest for me, i am afraid that i will be slowly disappointed to realize that that thing is not what i thought or that i will really love studying that thing but it would not help me make it to a decent[in my opinion of decent] life.Not that i am material, but i want to travel and live decently and that needs money.That’s a realistic point of view.On the other hand, if i could join some design classes or photography or journalism or others  maybe i will find a path to my “vocation”.Only if i had all those in my city.The ones that i have, well, let’s say people who attended do not have good words…

Now, i really would like you to answer me this question: how do you know what is the right job to do or how do you actually find the thing that totally captures your interest and so you know this is what you will do for the rest of your life?

I would really appreciate your advice.

Winter Song~Nichita Stănescu

You are so beautiful in winter!


The field stretched on its back, near the horizon,

and the trees stopped running from the winter wind ...


My nostrils tremble

and no scent

and no breeze

only the distant, icy smell

of the suns.


How transparent your hands are in winter!


And no one passes -


only the white suns revolve in quiet worship.

and the thought spreads in circles

ringing the trees

in twos

in fours.


Me.Myself.And I…

tamara and jamie 1[1]

Cotton clouds join their hands and share snowflakes of happiness.I walk towards the birds little blue house, my heart’s beats louder and louder.The smell of the crisp air brings sparkles in my eyes.The feelings inside me intoxicate me.I fight with myself, i start a war and i may lose…


I search for the light.An endless echo of the light that used to guide my life comes from somewhere inside me.Tiny, now breakable.Ruining my dreams, spoiling my ego.


The world that i have created is nothing more the emptiness now.Shades of what used to be.Falling down, piece by piece.Feelings have become warriors and my body a battlefield.And i am tired of fighting…I am tired…


A battle leads to another…and i might lose…





Friends and snow and laughs emotions.


Tears and rain and yellow.


Lights and darkness and hopes.


Books and sleep and dreams.


Me, myself and i.

And some Math…



[photographs~me, except the first one which is with me and taken by a lovely friend]

Hello…[The Simplicity Never Fades and Happy Endings Exist for Beautiful Journeys]

I believe in magic and i have no fear in thinking that magic does exist.The time’s stardust and the whispering wind, the colorful rain and the snowflakes of happiness,  the ice cold tears which melt your heart and the sounds which warm your soul. DSC06747

I am by no means different yet i am not at all like others. I dream and i wish upon stars.

But i am slowly discovering myself and finding my place in this world.Or, should i  say, i am creating my place in this world.I’ve been here for an year.And it has been a beautiful year.

Thank you!

           P.S.: I have yet to post 2 awards since autumn.Oh, and may 2010 be at least as beautiful as 2009…