Weekend in photos – The moments I am thankful for

Saturday morning.9am.
Spring sunny mornings seem to finally visit my lovely home.And what a would make the morning even better?Cooking.Something easy, yet delicious.And, hopefully, healthy.
And the feeling of excitement when you see the final result.And the feeling keeps growing when you eat it… 
And so the morning just goes by…and here comes the afternoon filled with reading for a writing a new article for Telluric Season magazine.Apparently, when I get the working bug I end up spending half of my night awake.Working on what I  have to do…
saturday.      saturday   
And so comes Sunday noon, with me and my family ready for a short trip to my grandparents in the countryside.The youngest member of the family surely enjoys the drive…            
                sunday.1 sunday.2
And here’s for the amazing sceneries and nature coming back to life,for seeing your family having a good time, for playing hide and seek with the cat and enjoying the game of light and shadows, for imagining clouds are tiny elephants or giant marshmallows.sunday.3 sunday.4 sunday.5 sunday.6
And for coming back home, where yummy food always welcomes me and fresh tulips my darling mother gave me earlier in the day rest peacefully in my little sanctuary.
Sunday evening.9pm.
           sunday.8    sunday.7

Day by Day

"Every spring is the only spring - a perpetual astonishment."
Ellis Peters

Goodbye winter, my dear friend.You've been there with me through tears of joy and happiness, through sorrow and broken hearts.I say goodbye to your silent night with whispering stars and to your cold mornings.Oh, how I wished the night’s embrace to never end.Yet everything in this world has an end.And an end is a new beginning.

So here I welcome spring and new daily rituals.The twinkling stars and the shinning sun shall be now my companions on this journey called life.The never ending mornings spent wrapped in bed sheets with a cup of hot coffee, a book and good music.The short nights filled with oh so many dreams.

Here I welcome a new chapter in my life, along with nature’s new face.May many episodes of friendship, love,special family moments,learning and daydreaming come.

And may God be with all of us!