Style Diary: Almost midnight

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Innocent snowflakes that travel around the world falling slowly into my hand.Lights guiding us through the night; careless whispers and lullabies singing for our souls.She twirls and smiles and tries to find a piece of quietness in this chaos of a world.Lost, yet without a future she breaths in and closes her eyes.Alive, yet dying slowly, fading into a shadow of what she’s used to be.What she's supposed to be.
But midnight is just before the dawn.Another day will come, another smile will hide the restless heart of hers.Good night, dear.Morning’s waiting for you.

Winter epilogue



It’s strange how we connect, as humans.It’s amazing to find that one person some would call best friend, some soul mate and some an angel sent from God.It’s enchanting to share moments.And create memories.And even more amazing is to value that friendship, knowing that person will always be there for you and vice versa.Because you were meant to find each other in this world that can be so confusing an chaotic.You were meant to have like an imaginary wire keeping you close, even when you’re apart.Keeping you connected to each other.
Still, it’s painful watching that other person fade away.You know what’s going on, but you just can’t recognize the person you once knew.And it is just a phase or a changing mood, you have them too.And being apart for a while is acceptable, but you feel the changes.And, in a way, you want to preserve the person you once knew, and not let the world change her.You want the innocent beginning of the friendship, yet you love the dynamic of its complexity.
It’s useless to ask for such things.We all change.We are meant to change.Life happens.People adapt.Friends…are always on the other side of the wire, waiting for the changes to be over or to help.

Twilight Over Hearts’ Orchid


They say that it’s better to learn from others’ mistakes.To have no regrets.To enjoy each and every moment of life as it was your last one.

But they don’t know what’s inside of your soul.A smile can hide an unimaginable pain and sorrow.

That is why it is better to take your time when it comes to people.And start by doing that with yourself.Love at first sight does not always last forever, because the passion of the youth tends to fade with time.But knowing each other before having developed that amazing feeling of love builds a solid base for a relationship and a life together.

So be your friend and loving yourself will come naturally.Small steps lead to great achievements.

Here’s to a New Year filled with tears of joy and , if necessary, sadness,new and old friendships and sleepless nights to make memories, laughter and photographs, words of wisdom and words of foolishness, acting like a child and turning into an adult, old and new lovers, family ties and finding yourself, books and music and everything else life has in store for you.

Hello 2011.Goodbye 2010.

Illustration: Nicolas Gouny