At Least I Can Dream, Can't I?

Wish i had my own "office"...
With this kind of view from the window...
And a bedroom like this...
Until then, i should be happy with this next to my house...

First pictures are from the others are mine[i took them in September i think...]

Please Tell Me I Can Sleep a Little Bit Longer!!!

It's like 9:17 a.m. and i'm trying to stay awake.I'm supossed to do my homework now but...However, i'm just so happy that last night snowed, so my garden is covered in white.Love it!!!I'll post some pictures this evening:)

Scared of Lonely...

Ahhh...I feel so not at my place this time of the year.I can't blame the others for having someone to love, it's just that i am not in love.Like really in love.And i feel so stupid teeling you about this, standing in the front of my computer and writing this post.Of course, watching "Enchanted" isn't helping too much.But, as usual, i have to focus my atention on something else.So i'm just searching the web for inspirational pics that, hopefully, won't have to much to do with love.Hope you've all had a nice week-end:)

pictures from

Sweet Memories...[Part 1]

As i've promised you, here are some pictures from my winter holiday.These are from the ski camp i went to for 6 days, starting with the second day of Christmas.

Footprints in the snow:):):)It was so funny, me and Sanziana running around just to get some good pics with the light of the sun in the snow.

On the top of the world!!![Yes, the shadows are mine and Sanziana's]

I love the place we were staying at:it felt like Santa's house, don't you think?

This piece of chocolate was so so so delicious,maybe because it was written on it "joy".

Teia,Adelina,Sanziana,Mircea's friend[sorry i can't remember his name:(] and Mircea,wandering around Sibiu on our way to camp.The happy, lodly but irreplaceable friends i'd spent a great time.

Nothing special about this one, it was taken from the bus.

The Beggining of Something New...

Hello!I'm Ruxandra...I'm new here[not that it would be so hard to guess that].I'm a 15 year old high-school student:)I enjoy watching movies, listening music and reading wonderfull blogs:)I really love reading books:there's something magical about them.I LOVE taking pictures:my aunt said i should have gone to the high-school where i could have done photgrapy.Instead, i choosed a more complicated high-school profile.I love fashion but i'm still trying to find my own style;probably i'll post some of my not-so-great outfits:)Today it has been snowing for a couple of hours, which is gtreat!I love snow and we haven't have enough this winter in my town.Luckily i went in the mountains twice so i took some great pics and enjoyed winter holiday:)That's all for the moment, i'll post some of the pictures from the mountains later:)I have a little brother so desperatley to play games on the computer right now..