A Moment of Reality


I've recently received 2 blog awards, thanks a lot:)

The amazing and sweet Nicole gave me this award, along with a tag of 7 random facts about me.

1.I'm a chocaholic.
2.I've become addicted to Japanese/Taiwanese/Korean dramas.
3.I'm not the fast-food type of person, though i won't turn down the occasion of going to McDonalds.
4.I wish i was taller[i'm 166 cm].But i can still grow until i'm 18, right?:)
5.Sometimes, i let people influence my decisions.I know it's a bad thing, but i care to much about their opinions.Sometimes.
6.I get really scared when trying new things.Really scared.
7.I travelled by plane for the first time in my life this summer:)

Now, i give this award to the amazing girls from Tangerine umbreallas on an indigo day , to the always-inspiring Vicki, to the lovely Eliza and to the super-talented Sangeun Oh .

Now, the other award, i got it from the sweet Emmy.I also have to share 10 interesting things about myself.

1.I used to play tennis.And volleyball.And dance.And i wish i didn't quit the tennis practices.
2.I've been learning English since i was 6.But, deep inside, i think i learnt it before being born, because my mom used to bean English teacher when pregnant with me.
3.I take lots of photos..But i'm still learning how to take good ones.
4.I have a nine-year old brother.[and it's his name day today...]
5.I like spending time with my grandparents and, usually, old people.Their stories are just so amazing, it's like somebody's reading me a book.
6.I'm working on my French, and planning to actually start again German lessons and even learn an asian language one day.
7.I so want to study abroad.The problem is what should i study?:)
8.I make plans.Lots of them.And lists.But i almost never respect them.
9.I love love love writting, but you know that, right?
10.I am a daydreamer.

I give this award to the next amazing ladies: Sierra, Eve, Anna, Nadine, Claradevi, Sophia, Annie , Morena, Sam and Ariella.
All of these girls are talented, sweet and ready to help.

Can't believe there's only one more day of August...It doesn't feel real.

You don't need a doctor for a broken heart, she's enough...

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

She's right there.By your side.Holding your arms, whispering encouraging words for you and calming you down.Taking care of you when you can't.Helping you follow your path in life.
She's the smiley girl that brightens your day up and the shoulder to cry on, she's the one that listens you for hours, even if you are so drowned in tears or too excited that you can't talk properly.The one that won't mind being woken up at 3 a.m.[not all the time...]
"I am listening.Tell me everything and i'll help you."
That's what she would say.And she wouldn't mind destroing the kitchen in the attempt of cooking.Because it's just an experiment, and experiments take place in a laboratory.That's what the kitchen is to the two of you, a laboratory that looks like a battlefield after you do your "cooking" job.Maybe, one day, you'll be great science women.As long as you're togheter she wouldn't mind.Cleaning up's next.Togheter, of course.
You could tell her a million things and still have a thousand left.So could she.And, if you may ever run out of ideas, you start creating new ones.
For a long talk or a brief conversation, for tears or laughters, for a i-miss-you hug or just the need of a hug, for arguing about which character is better in a book, for watching movies and taking photos,for eating as much ice-cream as you can, while crying watching a way too romantic movie, for riding the bike and falling of it, for trying new colours on your nails and dancing,for singing and waking up the entire neighbourhood, for sharing dreams and accomplish them, for sharing memories and creating new ones.For you.She's right there.

A Moment of Reality

Note: this post is an escape in the reality from my world.Because i live, mostly, in my world, and escape in the reality.I will probably do this every Sunday from now on...

I can't express in words how greatful i am for having you, my readers, here.You make my day.Thanks a lot for your positive feedback, it means so much to me.I caught a cold recently and that's why i didn't write anything, though i tried my best to keep in touch with all of your lovely blogs.Thanks again, and hope you'll keep reading my blog.I will post as soon as i feel better.Thank you!!!
Oh, before i forget, the drawing in the last post it's not mine.I'm not sure where did i get it from, i think it's garancedore.fr...

Turn the music on.The day has just started...

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~Constanze

The door is closed behind her.Alone, finally.Just her and her dreams, her body and the music.The easiest way of living.Dancing.
Once she feels the rythm, she can do anything.Why did she ever say flying was her ultimate wish?Because it's not.Thinking again at this, that can't be her wish.Just by dancing, she feels like flying, like lifting above the world.So, what's the point of flying if you can experience it on Earth, with loud music, a hot coffee waiting for you when you're sick of it[though she can't get sick of it], moving your body the way you feel, wearing nothing more than pants and an old t-shirt.She smiles.Nobody's watching, right?Not counting the adorable giraffe, Rumi, she got as a present at her 10th birthday anniversary, or the cutest teddy in the world, Joy, found one day at kindergarden.Just by looking at them, she smiles again and tries to take them with her on her own dancefloor, her room.It sure isn't hard, it's dancing.Not flying.But close to it.Not the same.But better.
Choosing to follow a dream that may never come true, or living the one that may even be better?

Make a wish and share a smile, these things will never change

The summer night is like a perfection of thought.[Wallace Stevens]

She looked at the clock, waiting for the right time.But there were 4 minutes left.She could've wait, or she could've tried.She left the laptop on the desk, the music in her heart and the world behind.Standing at the window, her eyes were looking upon the sky.
"Little star, why won't you fall?"
Her eyes became brighter and a smile changed her face.Right there, on the infinit sky, right then, in the summer sky, a little star fell, letting the romantic girl, now more than happy, make a wish.
And the wish may come true...

...Footprints in the Sand...

It was a warm, August morning and I was walking slowly on the beach.The soothing sound of the waves was helping me to put my mind at rest, while the sea-gulls were flying all around me.
Out of the blue,he came towards me.He looked particulary lovely that morning.He held my hands for a couple of minutes.It looked like the world stopped for the two of us…I was getting used to the idea that he felt the same way I did, but his gorgeus black eyes gave him away.
My heart was thumping loudly as he told me the real reason he had come to me.There were tears in my eyes, indicative of the fact that my world was crushing down.He muttered he was sorry and that he had slept on it all night long, but he couldn’t take chances for me.He also said he regreted he had hurt me.I stopped looking at him, I knew his words weren’t tall lies.My mind was far away for a couple of minutes.I couldn’t give him the cold shoulders, and neither could hug him.
A cold breeze played with my soft curls.I was at a loss, even if the solution was obvious.Once in a blue moon I look up to someone and, this time,that special person has disappointed me.He disappointed me.I looked into the clear sky and said, for the first and last time, I loved him…I was overtaken by the mixture of emotions inside of me.At that point, my only solution was running away.So I just did it.I ran on the shore until I fell down among broken shells, with my face covered with tears.
That warm, August morning, which was the longest one I had ever had, was not only the end of summer, but also the end of us.And all that was left of us were footprints in the sand that would be soon erased by the sea, like time would erase the marks in my heart…