I miss you…How long has it been?Too long for me.I miss you…



Your lost eyes in the whisper of the night and your wisely smile.The crisp air of a summer midnight fills with words and memories and love dust,The joyful wind plays with them,knowing they would soon be lost.You, stay still.The deep silence kills my childish soul.And you stay still, searching in the dark your own light.How i wish to know what you are thinking of…
Your lost eyes are now given wings to fly.Far away.I wonder…have you found your light?…

Everything unsaid


Frozen thoughts and snow covered dreams live inside my mind.

The sun’s warmth, its hopeful beams touching my face,it’s all long gone.So close, and so far away.The echo of these days is the constant rhythm of my heart…I no longer live.I wait.



I close my eyes and spread magic dust above my  useless body.

I whisper old stories to the moon and i wish upon the stars.I go to sleep with the hope of a  better tomorrow.

I dream of Spring and Winter wakes me up….


I listen to you.I look into your eyes, your peaceful, wise eyes.They smile, they share  , they want to be answered.You search for a glimpse of happiness in mines.It’s not worth it, as my eyes are just a shadow of the happiness you once saw in them.I quietly turn my eyes to the window and sigh.The same cotton drops falling down.The same snow white scenery.


I dream of Spring and Winter wakes me up…




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