Music Break


Do you know how in movies there always seems to be the perfect musical background at the right time? Well, if my life was a movie, I would definitely have Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna’s songs be part of my soundtrack. And I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a long list because I have a hard time choosing my favourite song from all of hers.


Talented singer-songwriters are not that common in the mainstream music nowadays; but then again, I wouldn’t exactly consider Yuna as part of what we call mainstream music. She has a certain indie vibe to her musical creations. Mix that with her lovely soothing voice and an adorably interesting personality (easily seen in interviews and her lyrics) and it won’t be hard to understand why she is such an unique presence on the music stage.

Her musical style and choices will probably turn you into a fan once you give her a chance. I mean, she even manages to make covers that feel like her own songs.This song below is a Nirvana cover.


I suggest you grab a cup of coffee and just enjoy listening to her songs…and maybe even vote for her for the Best Asia Act category over at 2012 MTV EMAs.


P.S. Can I just say how much I love her different takes on the hijab? She always wears colorful ones that complement her outfit or she even ties it with a bow. That’s quite adorable.

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